Obamacare enrollment hits 3 million

Obamacare enrollment hits 3 million - MarketWatch
LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- Nationwide Obamacare enrollment has hit 3 million, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Marilyn Tavenner said in a blog post on the HHS.gov web site Friday. Tavenner wrote that "the most recent data" shows the 3 million threshold being crossed for both HealthCare.gov and state-run exchanges, but didn't offer a specific time frame or breakdown on state sign ups vs. national enrollment. The move, however, indicates enrollment is accelerating in the program that was beset by numerous technical troubles when it rolled out Oct. 1. Total nationwide enrollment stood at roughly 2 million at the end of December. HHS officials have projected enrollment should reach the 7 million mark when the signup period ends March 31.Also see: Health Exchange blog.

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