Disney's New 3-D Tactile Feedback Touchscreen Tech

Disney's New 3-D Tactile Feedback Touchscreen Tech | Geekologie


Note: Pictures are displaying what you see vs. what you feel.

This is a video demonstrating Disney's new 3-D tactile feedback technology that allows a user to feel the texture of displayed objects without the screen actually changing shape. Plus the algorithm renders textures in real time, so it doesn't have to be displaying something it has previous 3-D data about either. Quick -- throw a boob on the screen while there are no kids around.

The algorithm maps the frictional forces between the screen and the user's finger to the surface contours of the virtual 3D image presented on the touchscreen. This dynamic allows the system to adjust to various virtual surface sensations on the fly, rather than offering canned sensations as some tactile touchscreen feedback experiments have demonstrated in the past.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't really understand the technology because I don't understand any of the words I just read or what they mean. I'm joking, I know science like the back of my hand. *eying back of hand* Jesus, where did this stamp come from -- did I go out last night?

Hit the jump for the video demo.

Thanks to Side Effect, which may include tingling sensations, numbness, and spending way too much of your free time groping a touchscreen.

i can see where this is going...

Am I the only one who was turned on watching that chick stroke the teapot?

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